Peter Smith
Trainer, Irrigation Australia Peter Smith

Peter has a wealth of experience in the irrigation industry gained from over 30 years of field work and education and has been involved with industries such as rice, cotton, dairy and lucerne hay. Pet....

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Total: 5 Session(s)

Paul Willmott
Trainer, Irrigation Australia Paul Willmott

Paul has worked in the irrigation industry for over 30 years and has been involved in many areas of the industry including sales, design, installation, service, technical support and training. Paul ha....

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Total: 3 Session(s)

John Harvie
Trainer, Irrigation Australia John Harvie

John is involved in the irrigation industry focusing on irrigation services and irrigation training and assessment. John was previously a director with Irrigation Systems Australia providing Irrigatio....

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Total: 7 Session(s)

TBC Trainer
Trainer, Irrigation Australia TBC Trainer


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Total: 20 Session(s)

Andres Jaramillo
Training & Certification Officer, Irrigation Austr Andres Jaramillo

Andres joined Irrigation Australia in September 2018. He was previously based in Townsville as Adoption Officer-Irrigation with Sugar Research Australia. He was responsible for extension on irrigation....

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Total: 2 Session(s)


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