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The perfect opportunity to learn the latest Australian irrigation and water management technologies in practice Irrigation Australia offers comprehensive Study Tour opportunities for both Australian and overseas students.  Topics includes best practice irrigation techniques and the Latest Irrigation methods and technologies adopted for different types of crops such as Sugar Cane, Nuts, Grapes, vegetables, flowers, etc. Study tours are particularly helpful for students completing their final project or throughout their studies during their irrigation and water-related qualification. 

Agriculture tours

Agriculture tours

Learn about the latest irrigation methods and technologies adopted for different types of crops/markets such as sugar sane, nuts, viticulture, vegetables, flowers, rice, cotton, dairy, etc
mgt tours

wastewater mgt tours

Learn about the various techniques used for wastewater management, treatment and reuse in urban and/or regional applications. 


Learn the latest innovations in irrigation pump systems including solar pumps, energy efficient pumps, commercial pumps, agriculture pumping systems and more.

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