Meter Validation & Installation

Meter Validation & Installation

  • Full Time
  • 2 Days
  • Irrigation Training Australia

Designed to provide students with all the knowledge of the Australian standards and procedures needed to safely and successfully install water meters in rural environments. The course prepares students to complete site preparations and commissioning along with field assessments for meter installations. The course is delivered over two days providing students with two units of units of competencies against Certification of Meter Installation and Validation.


  • New Australian Standards for Control of Rural Water Meter Installation and Validation
  • Explanation of the Pattern Approval process for meter manufacturers and what installers need to know when validating installations
  • Site preparation, component installation, site reinstatement and commissioning
  • Field assessment of meter installations


This course is designed for anyone responsible for installing and validating water meters in a rural environment against the Australian Standards. The course is a great opportunity for those wanting to apply to become Certified Meter Installers and Validators through IAL National Certification program.


This course will provide participants with two (2) units of competency towards certification for Meter Validation and Installation

  • NWPIRR014 - Install meters for rural water supplies
  • NWPIRR022 - Maintain meters for rural water supplies

After the successful completion of the specific course based assignments such as completion of a written workshop assessment, supervise an actual meter installation, and provide a written journal of the installation with related images, participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for the 2 units covered.


To apply for IAL certification to install and validate rural water meters according to the Australian Standards and as laid out in the National Framework for Non-Urban Water Metering Policy Paper (copy can be found on IAL website), participants will need to demonstrate competency* in a total of 6 units listed under the National Framework. The 6 units are comprised of the above and the following 4 units:

  • BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and Safety of self and others
  • NWPGEN003 Apply the environmental and licensing procedures for the water industry
  • NWPNET002 Prepare and restore worksite
  • NWPNET011 Locate, identify and protect utilities

Full details on how to demonstrate competency in these units can be found by clicking here 

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